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100 Days of Mockingjay

Celebrating The Hunger Games Fandom

The final countdown to the release of our last film in The Hunger Games franchise has begun! It’s officially 100 days until Mockingjay Part 2 opens in US theaters, and we want to spend the next 14 weeks celebrating with you!

Today we’re kicking off a 100-day-long party just for tributes. We can’t let our last THG film go out quietly. We’re going to honor all aspects of our beloved Hunger Games franchise and the passionate people that have helped make it so successful - that’s you! We’ll be focusing on every aspect of The Hunger Games unique and fabulous fandom over the coming months, highlighting the wonderful things that you’ve created out of your love for The Hunger Games book trilogy and movie franchise.

A successful party is nothing without great guests, and YOU are our guests of honor. There will be many opportunities for you to share YOUR stories and creations with us. So get out on that virtual dance floor and show us what you’ve got.

And what’s a party without presents? We’ve got presents! We’ll be holding weekly contests with all sorts of fabulous loot that you can win. Plus a few surprises.

We’ll be using the hashtag #100DaysofMJ across twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr.


Reader Comments (1)

My name is Haley Pesqueira,
and if you ever see this Suzanne Collins thank you, for saving my life.

Thank you for giving me a story to live by. When I found out I was diagnosed with PTSD it didn't shock me the way it should have. I sorta already knew. Growing up was hard for me. I grew in and abusive house and I felt so alone. I wish I could say that I kept my smile till the end, but that house took a lot from me. I sat by and fought daily hoping that my mom would run in and save me from him. She would hug me and tell me how important I was and ensure me I was not crazy. And with this hope came my greatest this day i still don't forgive my mother. Eight years later I realized I had to be my own hero. I got help and I left that house. For the first two years it was peaceful, like life started anew. But then came the trauma. It threatened to destroy me. I tried to take my own life three times because I felt as though I was ruined, life would never feel okay again.
I was lost and confused . It didnt seem like life would keep moving, even when it did. The hunger games has always been a story of hope for me. It taught me about hope, the promise that tomorrow will always be kinder. It showed me life could go on. Reading this book when I had first left the trauma meant that at the time it was just an interesting story. Years later I found myself crazy over the whole series. It just had this unique pull on my soul.
Then one day it hit me. Katniss showed me what it meant to be strong. She wanted to live on and even though she was forced into this role of becoming a hero she still fought to make tomorrow better. I literally cannot explain the hope this book gave me. The way it made me feel safe and warm. When times would get hard I would always turn to this book, reading and rereading to the point where I can now recite it by heart.
What stood out the most to me though, is how brutally honest the book was. Most novels tell a story of overcoming a great obstacle with love and a happy ending. The Hunger Games could have stopped at the first book, but it didn’t. Suzzane Collins said that she never planned on writing more books to the story but i'm so glad she did. Because she showed the world that it doesn't always get easier. life is struggle after struggle and doesn't stop when you feel like it should. Most books don’t talk about the life after the story, as if life just returns to normal and fixes itself. Sadly that's not the way life is. The hunger games showed me that it was okay to feel pain and hurt. My trauma threatened to to destroy me but seeing my hero fight the same struggle as I was made me feel hopeful. Like I wasn’t alone. I guess I always thought that if I fought my battle hard enough then it would be over and I would receive hope. Thank you suzanne. For giving me a reason to keep pushing on. To show me strength means imbracing your weakness. for giving me hope.
For saving my life.

August 15, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterHaley Pesqueira

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